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LC-Meter Projekt


My home (and homebrew) station 

Antenna tuning unit: input and output capacitors

Symmetric set of  coils

Command unit with 16 presets and binary C-L-C indicator

Pic-A-Star: Codec pcb and tools

Pic-A-Star: Codec - first attempt

Pic-A-Star: DSP-Assembly

Pic-A-Star: finishing the IF board

Pic-A-Star: IF board almost done

Pic-A-Star: some IF board mods in 3D

Pic-A-Star: Magic Roundabout

Pic-A-Star: band pass board soldering artwork

Pic-A-Star: boxed


This homebrew transceiver project created by 
Peter Rhodes G3XJP is amazing.

I started building my STAR in 2006 and had my first QSO
in 2008 with Wolfgang DK4RW and his STAR.

I had to be patient until May 2010, but then Peter himself could hear me on 14.153 MHz. It was one of the greatest moments in my life as a radio amateur.

Thank You so much, Peter!

If you want to build your own Star:

CNC mill

Dummy load 

70 cm Yagi


70 cm double Quad

Resonances of my multi band dipole - better than predicted :-)

My portable station: KNE 40m-MINI


KNE 40m-Mini main board


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